In 1872 Stockholm Town Mutual was organized by a group of farmers to provide insurance coverage for themselves and their neighbors. There were no national insurance copmanies covering farmers in the 1870s. At that time only people living in cities could buy insurance. Therefore, individual farmers organized mutual insurance copmanies, such as Stockholm Town Mutual, which functioned as cooperative enterprises. Today many insurance companies are eithre privately or publicly owned corporations driven to make profits to pay shareholders.Holding on to its roots, Stockholm Town Mutual still functions as apolicyholder-owned company, similiar to a cooperative: if you’re a policyholder you have a voice in this company.

Our Leadership:

Cindy Druppel, Office Personnel, (C) 654.216.7405
Kurt Henn, Secretary
John Krings, President
Lalia Martin, Treasurer
Brian Rundquist, Vice-President
P. Leland Skog, Agent/Director, 715.273.4261
Soren Svedvik, Agent/Director, 715.448.3175, 612.735.5824